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I've been up to somethings...

The past two to three weeks have seen me with my head down and ear buds blaring to get myself ready for two back to back vendor events, one just this past Saturday and the other this coming Saturday. It’s certainly been a month of scheduling print and assembly steps and scribbling multiple exclamation points after noted cut off deadlines in my planner, (especially with the new project I decided to pull out of my sleeve).
Over all though, I seem to have done a decent job at pacing the work, as I was prepared for this past weekend and am going into the next fairly confident.
At one point during this months whirlwind of preparation I started feeling anti-template. My minor rebellion thus led me to print the same lino piece in a different registration once on each of three cards featured above. The results were refreshing. Top one double printed slightly on one point, alas, however after three randos I had removed the itch from my system and was ready to go back to the stricter positioning tasks on my to-print list. 
Thanks for checking in, gentlefolk! You keep me accountable. 
Best to you all. More again soon!