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Adventures of a Printmaking Assistant in Belgium: I

Frans Masereel Centrum Studio, Residence, & Grounds

main studio and admin. and research building
entrance to the intaglio studio and the phone booth I didn't really notice until my last day at the center #observant
main studio ground floor, home to all of the lovely lithography and letterpress tools, materials, and machinery
graining sink
graining stones
we were granted a glorious and most welcomed downpour on Wednesday
2nd floor, office and meeting/presentation room

back porch of our residence (house #6) and my 2nd floor bedroom windows
entrance from the back gate with our house on the left and bike parking on the right. yellow bikes for the artists, blue for guests.
front porch of #6
Kitchen table? No. Litho crayon sharpening station? Yes.
my awesome itsy bitsy bedroom
Less of a staircase and more of an over-glorified ladder. I had to make sure I was totally awake before venturing downstairs each morning.
view of the house from the studio
view of the studio from the porch