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mini notebooks
my favorite use for all the paper leftovers I accumulate.   

Below are a bunch of memo pads and notebooks I stitched together today. Their pages are of either extra notebook sheets, sketchbook paper, or ironed out brown packing paper and are bound in scrap screen printed card stock with sewing thread.

I generally make these notebooks in stages, rarely all in one sitting. One day I might size down prints or trimmings I think would look good as covers, some other day I'll spend an hour or two folding a bunch of signatures out of whatever stacks of excess paper I have lying around that isn't much good for printing on, and another day I'll take breaks throughout the day to match, stitch, and size the insides to their outsides.

Fronts and backs. Or backs and fronts. As you will.

Thanks for scrolling through!

Recent Project:

Screen printed chipboard earrings

These earrings started with an idea or two that evolved into four or five that then fought each other, produced a few cumbersome prototypes, and eventually attained a sense of balance between crude and chic, thereby resulting in what you see below. (Apologies for the length of that sentence.)

Two months ago, I participated in a screen printing workshop at SHG and printed a number of hand drawn linear designs onto sheets of chipboard. The design and execution are indicative of where a good chunk of my aesthetic preferences lie -- somewhere between sharp and rough around the edges. The material is super light weight which makes the earrings perfect for anyone who loves the look of larger earrings but doesn't like the heaviness that generally comes with them.
All that being said, I'm extremely fond of them and quite excited to finally have some halfway decent images to share. There are some more designs I haven't finished photographing yet but I'll be sure to post as soon as they've been documented.
And now that I've got you wanting a pair, here's where you can obtain them. Enjoy.

Sales pitch over. Thanks for checking things out. Best to you all.