New blog, maiden post.

Here goes. Block of the week. 

I'm starting things off with some shots of a 2 5/8" x 6" piece of linoleum from a small stack of flooring samples a friend of mine bestowed upon me (thus the punched hole in the corner). 

Recently I've been carving a lot of rubber eraser block instead of linoleum for the sake of quicker carving and printing of note card designs but I've missed the tiny detail and narrow spaces I've had to sacrifice as a result.

This type of design is commonly found in the margins of my sketch books and not in my prints, but flipping through the scribbles for a "getting-back-into-linocut" idea made me realize how well it would work as a relief print.

 I have a few more designs like this crammed onto another lino strip that I'll put up once there's a little more work to show.